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To provide effective resolution of the client's immediate and temporary design  or manufacturing engineering needs. To provide  documentation consistent with the client's needs - and suggest a level of  documentation that allows the client the freedom to choose the most effective means to modify the product in the future.

    Fred Conklin, Engineering Services has been an independent electronic engineering design contractor/consultant for over twenty years.  Fred Conklin has designed monitoring systems for explosive and poisonous gasses, automated test systems, telephony equipment, analog and digital audio systems, and medical devices.  Fred has supervised mixed development groups (mechanical, electronic, and software design) of up to 5 engineers and technicians. Currently, he has a number of engineers from many disciplines available for use as sub-contractors, all of whom have non-disclosure agreements with Fred Conklin, Engineering Services that protect the end client. 

     Fred has developed, both hardware and software,  many Automated Functional Test systems.  Automated Functional Test brings a consistency of results to the production test floor that is unsurpassed.  As a management tool, Automated Functional Test provides the most efficient method of reporting problem areas - in the product design itself, vendor quality, or in the production process.  The capabilities of Automated Functional Test can be adapted to many different types of laboratory environments, providing greater accuracy and versatility in the acquisition and analysis of experimental data.



Experience as an Electronic Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Consultant includes:

  • Electronic Design Engineering - Automated Test, Data Acquisition, and Control Systems
  • Analog and Digital Electronic Engineer 
  • Electronic Design Engineering - High Speed Digital Design
  • Electronic Design Engineering - Digital Audio
  • Electronic Design Engineering - PCI Bus, USB 2.0, SPI, I2C, SPDIF
  • Electronic Design Engineering - Cypress Wireless USB implementation
  • Electronic Design Engineering - Sensor Interface Circuits
  • Electronic Design Engineering  - Small Signal Transmission
  • Electronic Engineer - Grounding and Shielding Techniques
  • Embedded Systems Design
  •  Hardware design and software design
  •  Cypress PSOC,  FreeScale 68HC12 and Coldfire series micro-controllers, 8051, and PIC
  • FPGA Design Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineering--
  • Automated Functional Test Design and Development Engineer
  • Preferred programming with Microsoft Visual Studio C# and C++. Familiar with deprecated National Instruments LabWindows CVI (C/C++), LabView
  • Software Design Engineering - C, C++, C#
  •  Microsoft Visual Studio API (Application Program Interface) implementation using C#
  • Windows Console and GUI (Graphical User Interface) design using Visual Studio and C#
  • Engineering Design for Manufacturability
  • EMI/EMC Approval Engineering (FCC/TUV/CE)
  • Safety Approval Engineering (UL/CSA/CE)
  • Creation and Implementation of Engineering and Document Control Systems
  • Participated in the development and documentation of a number of client patent applications.