Electronic Engineering Consultants

We design and prototype various engineering solutions, such as medical devices, monitoring systems for explosive and poisonous gasses, automated test systems, analog and digital audio systems, telephony equipment, and much more.

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Our Mission Statement

To provide effective resolution of your immediate and temporary design or manufacturing engineering needs. To provide documentation consistent with your needs – and suggest a level of documentation that allows you the freedom to choose the most effective means to modify the product in the future.


FC Engineering Services is an independent engineering firm with technical competency in a wide area of electrical engineering services such as:

Analog and Digital Designs

Our electronic engineers are highly competent in offering analog and digital electronic engineering services in areas such as:

  • High-speed digital design
  • Digital audio
  • PCI Bus, USB 2.0 USB 3 Type C,, SPI, I2C, SPDIF
  • Cypress wireless USB implementation
  • Sensor Interface Circuits
  • Small Signal Transmission
  • Grounding and Shielding Techniques.

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Mechanical Designs

In addition to skilled electrical engineering consultants, we offer mechanical engineering services in various areas, such as:

  • Sheet metal parts for enclosures, covers, and more
  • Injection molded parts, like bezels, enclosures, and panels
  • Stress and thermal analysis using solid works
  • Tolerancing and Assembly Analysis using Solidworks

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Automated Tests

Our electrical engineering services extend to the design and development of Automated Functional Tests. Our design and development engineers prefer programming with Microsoft Visual Studio C#  and C++. The team is also familiar with deprecated National Instruments LabWindows CVI (C/C++) and LabView.

  • We also test the hardware interface and fixture design.

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Other Services

Some of the other services our electrical engineering consultants can help you with include:

  • Software design engineering
  • Engineering design for manufacturability
  • Safety approval engineering (UL/CSA/CE)
  • Creation and implementation of engineering and document control systems
  • Embedded systems design

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About Us

FC Engineering Services, LLC is a multi-discipline development engineering and design consultancy providing electronic engineering services.
FC Engineering Services has met temporary, project-specific, client requirements for more than twenty years in high-speed digital design, analog circuit design, embedded systems hardware and firmware design, and mechanical systems design.

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As your project consultants, we will help engineering teams or organizations with tight design and prototyping deadlines to complete important project milestones – from concept to manufacturing release.

If you need reliable electrical engineering consultants with broad experience and a high success rate, contact us today.

Featured Projects

Our electrical engineering services expertise derives from working on several projects, such as fixing the Polycom soundstation’s audio issues, the second-generation design of the One Touch Systems digital audio board, and many more.

Machined aluminum drive plate designed in SolidWorks

This drive plate was designed to specific tolerances as a critical component in a system demanding optimum performance levels.

One Touch Systems digital audio board

Design incorporating digital audio and an RF converter that converts base-band video to NTSC channels 3 and 4. Functions also on this board are Analog telephone interface (FCC Part 68); RS485 serial communications; Display and front panel I/O; ISA bus interface.

Polycom SoundStation

High-end audio-conferencing equipment with audio quality achieved by grounding and power distribution techniques, as well as acoustic separation of the microphones and speaker – designed using a full-room anechoic chamber.

Acutus AcQMap System

Designed to provide a clear image of a heart’s electrical activity in real time, displayed as an electrical charge density map on three-dimensional surface anatomy reconstructed from ultrasound imaging.Designed to provide a clear image of a heart’s electrical activity in real time, displayed as an electrical charge density map on three-dimensional surface anatomy reconstructed from ultrasound imaging.

Phoenix ICON Ophthalmic Camera

Designed with low-power LED and CMOS sensor to provide highly-detailed ophthalmic imaging with low-light – improving patient comfort and care.