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Automated Tests

Automated tests use scripts and specialized tools written in programming languages like C#, Tcl, and Ruby to execute predefined test cases and compare the actual outcomes with expected results. These tests aim to validate various aspects of software and hardware functionality, such as performance, security, and compatibility. Automation tests and test automation frameworks are critical components of the Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline and ensure that code changes do not introduce new defects into the system.

Why Automation Tests are Important

  • Consistency and Repeatability: Automated tests ensure that the same set of test cases is executed consistently, regardless of the tester’s skills or the time of day. This repeatability is crucial in identifying and addressing software issues systematically. 
  • Faster Feedback: Automated tests can quickly detect and report issues, enabling automated test engineering teams to address them promptly. This faster feedback loop accelerates the development cycle and helps teams respond to issues in real time.
  • Regression Testing: Regression testing in test automation frameworks ensures that new code changes do not inadvertently break existing functionality. 

Scalability: As software projects grow in complexity and scale, manual testing becomes impractical. Automated tests can quickly scale to accommodate the growing codebase, making them indispensable in large and complex software projects.

Use Cases of Automated Tests

Unit Testing: Unit tests focus on the smallest units of code, such as functions or methods. Our Test automation frameworks enable developers to execute unit tests to verify the correctness of individual code units.

Integration Testing: Integration tests evaluate the interactions between components of an application. Automating these tests ensures constant checking that various parts of the application work together harmoniously.

Functional Testing: Functional tests examine the application’s functionality from a user’s perspective and automation frameworks provide the capability to automate user interactions, mimicking real-world scenarios during testing to ensure that the application functions correctly. 

Performance Testing: Performance tests, such as load testing and stress testing, are critical to assessing an application’s performance under various conditions. By automating these tests, engineers can simulate a large number of users and monitor the application’s behavior under different loads.

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FC Engineering Services’ Automation Tests and Frameworks

  • Cross-platform Compatibility: Our test automation frameworks are designed to work across multiple platforms and technologies, ensuring that you can use them for various automated test engineering projects and environments.
  • Extensive Test Libraries: These frameworks also come with an extensive set of pre-built test libraries, reducing the time and effort required to create and maintain test cases.
  • Integration Capabilities: Our automation frameworks seamlessly integrate with popular CI/CD tools and version control systems, enabling you to automate testing as part of your development pipeline.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: The frameworks provide detailed and insightful reports, making it easy to identify issues and track the progress of automated tests.

Featured Projects

Our electrical engineering services expertise derives from working on several projects, such as fixing the Polycom soundstation’s audio issues, the second-generation design of the One Touch Systems digital audio board, and many more.

Machined aluminum drive plate designed in SolidWorks

This drive plate was designed to specific tolerances as a critical component in a system demanding optimum performance levels.

One Touch Systems digital audio board

Design incorporating digital audio and an RF converter that converts base-band video to NTSC channels 3 and 4. Functions also on this board are Analog telephone interface (FCC Part 68); RS485 serial communications; Display and front panel I/O; ISA bus interface.

Polycom SoundStation

High-end audio-conferencing equipment with audio quality achieved by grounding and power distribution techniques, as well as acoustic separation of the microphones and speaker – designed using a full-room anechoic chamber.

Acutus AcQMap System

Designed to provide a clear image of a heart’s electrical activity in real time, displayed as an electrical charge density map on three-dimensional surface anatomy reconstructed from ultrasound imaging.Designed to provide a clear image of a heart’s electrical activity in real time, displayed as an electrical charge density map on three-dimensional surface anatomy reconstructed from ultrasound imaging.

Phoenix ICON Ophthalmic Camera

Designed with low-power LED and CMOS sensor to provide highly-detailed ophthalmic imaging with low-light – improving patient comfort and care.