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The design of machine parts is pivotal in determining the efficiency, reliability, and overall performance of a machine. FC Engineering Services stands out as a leader with a rich background and expertise.

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Basics of Machine
Parts/Components Design


Machine component design is a critical aspect of engineering that involves creating components for various types of machinery. Whether it’s a simple lever or a complex gearbox, the design process follows certain principles to ensure functionality, efficiency, and safety.

Summary of Requirements

The requirements of effective parts design involve a thorough analysis of the intended function, load-bearing capacity, material properties, and environmental conditions. Considering factors such as temperature, pressure, and corrosion resistance is also crucial at this stage.

Basic Design Principles

  • Functional Requirements: Clearly define the function of the machine part.
  • Simplicity: Keep the design as simple as possible while ensuring it meets all functional requirements.
  • Safety Considerations: Prioritize safety by designing machine parts with features that prevent accidents, such as protective guards, emergency stops, and fail-safe mechanisms.
  • Ergonomics: Consider the ease of use and maintenance. Accessibility for repairs, lubrication, and inspections should be factored into the design.

FC Engineering Services

Our Role and Services in Machine Parts Design

Our service portfolio spans the entire spectrum, from conceptualization to detailed design, material selection, manufacturing considerations, and quality assurance. As mechanical design consultants, we excel at providing unparalleled insights and collaborating closely with clients to tailor bespoke solutions.

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Precision in machine parts design—from CAD conceptualization to machine part optimization—guided at every step by FC Engineering Services mechanical design consultants.

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Mechanical Design Considerations

  • Static Analysis: Assess machine part behavior under static loads to ensure resistance against permanent deformation.
  • Dynamic Analysis: Consider dynamic forces, including vibrations and impacts, for parts designed to withstand both static and dynamic loads.
  • Factor of Safety: Incorporate a safety factor to address uncertainties in material properties, loading conditions, and manufacturing processes, ensuring a margin against failure.

Manufacturing Considerations

Recommendations from Our Mechanical Design Consultants

  • Manufacturability: Design parts considering machining, casting, forging, or additive manufacturing methods.
  • Tolerance Analysis and Fits: Specify tolerances for assembly and functionality. Tighter tolerances improve precision but may raise costs.
  • Surface Finish: Specify surface finish based on application needs, considering factors like friction, wear, and corrosion resistance.
  • Machine Part Prototyping: Prototyping enables testing and validation, offering insights for iterative refinement.
  • Get Expert Help: Use experienced design consultants to meet your manufacturing needs.

Featured Projects

Our electrical engineering services expertise derives from working on several projects, such as fixing the Polycom soundstation’s audio issues, the second-generation design of the One Touch Systems digital audio board, and many more.

Machined aluminum drive plate designed in SolidWorks

This drive plate was designed to specific tolerances as a critical component in a system demanding optimum performance levels.

One Touch Systems digital audio board

Design incorporating digital audio and an RF converter that converts base-band video to NTSC channels 3 and 4. Functions also on this board are Analog telephone interface (FCC Part 68); RS485 serial communications; Display and front panel I/O; ISA bus interface.

Polycom SoundStation

High-end audio-conferencing equipment with audio quality achieved by grounding and power distribution techniques, as well as acoustic separation of the microphones and speaker – designed using a full-room anechoic chamber.

Acutus AcQMap System

Designed to provide a clear image of a heart’s electrical activity in real time, displayed as an electrical charge density map on three-dimensional surface anatomy reconstructed from ultrasound imaging.Designed to provide a clear image of a heart’s electrical activity in real time, displayed as an electrical charge density map on three-dimensional surface anatomy reconstructed from ultrasound imaging.

Phoenix ICON Ophthalmic Camera

Designed with low-power LED and CMOS sensor to provide highly-detailed ophthalmic imaging with low-light – improving patient comfort and care.