Ophthalmic Imaging

FC Engineering Services provided design and compliance services to optimize Phoenix Technology Group’s retinal imaging system for NICU patients.

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Medical Device Design and Development

Project Background

Phoenix Technology Group, now part of the NeoLight, Inc., designed and developed a Class II ophthalmic retinal imaging system which was targeted primarily toward the Newborn Infant Critical Care Unit (NICU) patients. 

NICU infants are generally placed in oxygen-rich atmospheres which can cause – unless diagnosed and treated – abnormal growth of blood vessels of the retina. The system developed by Phoenix Technology provided increased resolution and detail of the retinal image using proprietary optics, electronics, and software. This addressed the need for enhanced retinal imaging in NICU infants.

Project Features

The system features a reinvented optics and ophthalmic imaging technology handpiece which provides high-quality, detailed images that allow healthcare professionals to provide reliable quality care for patients. 

The handpiece also uses low-power LEDs and a reinvented CMOS sensor to use low light levels, thereby reducing stress on sensitive patients. Another component of this medical device design and development is the heavy and fragile fiber optic cable that was replaced by a light cable, which reduced costly repairs.

The Role of FC Engineering Services

FC Engineering Services was enlisted to ensure the system met the rigorous regulatory standards outlined in the IEC-60601 requirements for EMC and safety. This involved extensive modifications to the chassis, harnessing, and printed circuit boards, demonstrating the client’s commitment to adherence to industry regulations. 

Beyond regulatory compliance, FC Engineering Services took charge of refining the manufacturing and quality processes for the ophthalmic imaging equipment.

We also conceptualized and designed a USB 3C imaging system that removed the need for the original cart and condensed all functionality into the imaging handpiece alone.

ICON Cart machine
Render of a CAD design of a USB system

Working With FC Engineering Services

The USB 3C imaging system, despite its innovative design, did not reach the market due to unforeseen software integration challenges. However, this demonstrates our commitment to exploring advanced solutions and addressing obstacles, on top of our commitment to delivering high-quality, feasible products. 

At FC Engineering Services, our team of experienced engineers has provided outcomes, on this and other projects, that no other consultants could. 

Therefore, whether you are an engineering team/organization, engineering manager, or someone with tight deadlines for ophthalmic imaging or other medical design and development projects.

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Featured Projects

Our electrical engineering services expertise derives from working on several projects, such as fixing the Polycom soundstation’s audio issues, the second-generation design of the One Touch Systems digital audio board, and many more.

Machined aluminum drive plate designed in SolidWorks

This drive plate was designed to specific tolerances as a critical component in a system demanding optimum performance levels.

One Touch Systems digital audio board

Design incorporating digital audio and an RF converter that converts base-band video to NTSC channels 3 and 4. Functions also on this board are Analog telephone interface (FCC Part 68); RS485 serial communications; Display and front panel I/O; ISA bus interface.

Polycom SoundStation

High-end audio-conferencing equipment with audio quality achieved by grounding and power distribution techniques, as well as acoustic separation of the microphones and speaker – designed using a full-room anechoic chamber.

Acutus AcQMap System

Designed to provide a clear image of a heart’s electrical activity in real time, displayed as an electrical charge density map on three-dimensional surface anatomy reconstructed from ultrasound imaging.Designed to provide a clear image of a heart’s electrical activity in real time, displayed as an electrical charge density map on three-dimensional surface anatomy reconstructed from ultrasound imaging.

Phoenix ICON Ophthalmic Camera

Designed with low-power LED and CMOS sensor to provide highly-detailed ophthalmic imaging with low-light – improving patient comfort and care.