Electronic Design Consultant For The First Polycom SoundStation Prototypes

FC Engineering Services provided solutions to the audio quality problems that plagued the first Polycom Soundstation prototype units.

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Project Background

As a reliable audio consultant, FC Engineering Services was given the task of solving the challenges in the initial prototype units of the Polycom Soundstation – such as issues related to the acoustic separation of the microphones and speaker. These units, while promising, encountered several audio quality issues that hindered their effectiveness.

Polycom SoundStation audio electronics design

Solving Audio Quality Problems

Our electronic design consultant team diagnosed and strategized solutions to the audio quality problems plaguing the Polycom SoundStation prototypes. 

Through comprehensive analysis, we identified that a significant portion of the issues stemmed from incorrect grounding and power distribution techniques. Addressing these foundational aspects helped achieve the desired audio clarity and reliability. 

The precise grounding and power distribution techniques we implemented successfully resolved 90% of the audio quality problems. This marked a pivotal achievement in ensuring the functionality and performance of the units, laying the groundwork for seamless communication experiences in the required environments.

Building Solutions: The Anechoic Chamber

We also recognized the critical role of acoustic separation in enhancing microphone and speaker performance. To address this aspect comprehensively, we constructed a state-of-the-art anechoic chamber to eliminate echoes and external interference, providing an optimal environment for testing and refining audio equipment. 

Within the confines of the anechoic chamber, we conducted rigorous testing and fine-tuning to overcome audio quality issues related to acoustic separation. Through precise calibration and adjustment, we optimized the performance of the Polycom Soundstation units, ensuring unparalleled clarity and fidelity.

FC Engineering Services: A Reliable Electronic Design Consultant

Our innovative engineering and meticulous attention to detail during the design of the Polycom Soundstation units demonstrate our ability to make effective designs.

At FC Engineering Services, we have worked on several projects that no other audio consultant could. Therefore, whether you are an engineering team, manager, organization, or a person with a tight deadline on your audio electronics design project, we are here and ready to help.

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Conference room equipped with video conference electronics

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Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable software engineering services firm with broad experience in software systems – a true consultancy that is not a middleman collecting referral fees – and a high success rate like we have provided other clients when no one else could, contact us today.

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