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FC Engineering Services excels in providing solutions to engineering and design challenges, offering non-invasive and versatile diagnostic capabilities that save lives and improve patient care.

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Understanding Ultrasound Engineering

Engineering of ultrasound devices is a multidisciplinary field that involves designing, developing, and optimizing ultrasound-based systems. These systems, which are often used in medical devices, generate high-frequency sound waves and capture the returning echoes to create real-time images. Ultrasound is widely used across various medical applications, such as obstetrics, cardiology, and radiology.


FC Engineering Services offers various solutions and expertise in critical areas of ultrasound applications, some of which include

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology: FC Engineering Services develops cutting-edge technology used in ultrasound machines that monitor fetal development and diagnose gynecological conditions, allowing physicians to provide better care to expecting mothers. 
  • Cardiology: Our ultrasound design services ensure the accuracy and reliability of cardiac ultrasound devices in diagnosing heart conditions, evaluating blood flow, and assessing cardiac function. 
  • Radiology: We also offer ultrasound engineering solutions that allow radiologists to effectively visualize soft tissues, tumors, and vascular structures to make better diagnoses and improve patient conditions. 
  • General Medicine: We also provide engineering services for ultrasound devices used in general medical settings.

Our Services

Ultrasound Signal Processing: Our engineers are adept at developing signal processing algorithms, resulting in clearer and more informative images for accurate diagnoses and more effective patient care.

Ultrasound Design: We also ensure that our design and engineering solutions adhere to international standards, such as IEC 60601, allowing medical professionals to use safe and reliable equipment during their treatment sessions.

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Featured Projects

Our electrical engineering services expertise derives from working on several projects, such as fixing the Polycom soundstation’s audio issues, the second-generation design of the One Touch Systems digital audio board, and many more.

Machined aluminum drive plate designed in SolidWorks

This drive plate was designed to specific tolerances as a critical component in a system demanding optimum performance levels.

One Touch Systems digital audio board

Design incorporating digital audio and an RF converter that converts base-band video to NTSC channels 3 and 4. Functions also on this board are Analog telephone interface (FCC Part 68); RS485 serial communications; Display and front panel I/O; ISA bus interface.

Polycom SoundStation

High-end audio-conferencing equipment with audio quality achieved by grounding and power distribution techniques, as well as acoustic separation of the microphones and speaker – designed using a full-room anechoic chamber.

Acutus AcQMap System

Designed to provide a clear image of a heart’s electrical activity in real time, displayed as an electrical charge density map on three-dimensional surface anatomy reconstructed from ultrasound imaging.Designed to provide a clear image of a heart’s electrical activity in real time, displayed as an electrical charge density map on three-dimensional surface anatomy reconstructed from ultrasound imaging.

Phoenix ICON Ophthalmic Camera

Designed with low-power LED and CMOS sensor to provide highly-detailed ophthalmic imaging with low-light – improving patient comfort and care.